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How to Filter Task List by Group?

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How to Filter Task List by Group?

In ACT! 2010, if I create Activities and use the "Associate With" for Groups when creating them, is there then a way to filter the Task List so that only those Activities for a particular group show? I'm not seeing that there's a way to create a Look-Up for this, so that I can print it or generate a report using it.If it's there, it's not obvious to me.
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Re: How to Filter Task List by Group?

Unfortunately there is not a way to apply a Group filter to the Opportunity List, but there are a couple of ways you can get this information:


- In the Opportunity List, add the Associated With column, sort by that column and find the Group or Groups you are looking for. You can then highlight these Opprtunities, right-click on your selection, and choose Lookup Selected.

- Do a lookup for a Group, go to that Groups "Opportunities" tab, and change the Show For value under that tab to "Group". This will show the Opportunities associated with that Group.

Greig Hollister

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Re: How to Filter Task List by Group?

You'll want to view your group-associated tasks directly in the Groups view.  In the Groups View, select the Group, click the Activities tab, and change the "Show for" filter to "Group."  This will display a list of tasks that were associated with this Group.

Liz Hendon
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