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How to Automatically Remove Clients from ACT!???

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How to Automatically Remove Clients from ACT!???

Every month I receive a new excel spreadsheet with all of my current and new clients.  It adds the new client that started that month and takes off the clients no longer with the company.  (About 1600 clients) I make my notes on the spreadsheet such as "client asked to be called in 2 months" or "not interested". 


Problem is each month I have to move all of my notes to the new spreadsheet.  Which is very time consuming.  Or, I just move the new clients that started that month, to the old spreadsheet.  But then I have no way of knowing if the client is still with us. 


That's why I'm trying ACT!.  I can easily ADD the new clients to ACT! with no problem.  But HOW do I get the clients that are not longer with us out of my ACT!.  Surely there is way to say, "If the client is not on this spreadsheet, then remove it from ACT!".  There must be way!  Does anyone know how to?


I've just started importing my spreadsheet today.  We were suppose to start using Salesforce, but they have been saying that for years.  Is there another program out there that could do this? 


Thank you for your time.  Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!!



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Re: How to Automatically Remove Clients from ACT!???

Hello Erin,

Welcome to the Act! Online Community!


There isn't an automated way for the contacts to be removed from the database because they aren't on the spreadsheet, but I think you may be able to isolate the contacts that were not on the spreadsheet using the Contact List and adding the field 'Import Date'. 


When you import your new spreadsheet, I assume it will be updating contacts that currently exist in your database as well as adding new contacts.  With this in mind, you will find that the Import Date field is updated with the new date for the existing contacts. 


To determine the contacts that were not updated, you can:

- go to the Contact List view

- update the columns with Import Date (select View > Customize Columns > move Import Date to the right hand side > click OK).

- on the Contact List screen > click on the heading 'Import Date' to sort the screen by that column

- you will be able to tell the contacts that were not updated or added with the import because the date will not be current

- should you want to remove them from the database, you can highlight them in blocks > right click in the highlighted area and select 'Delete Contact'.


Obviously, you will need to test these steps to ensure they will meet your needs.  Make sure that you have a backup of your database before deleting contacts (File > Backup > Database). 




Greg Martin