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How to Autofill company forms

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How to Autofill company forms

I am new to Act and using Act ver 17.1.  


I would like to be able to print a report using the custom fields that I created for a contact such as a Purchase Agreement, Maintenance Contract, etc.  Do I do this by creating a new report???? Is there anyway to use my existing Word documents of these forms so that I dont have to completely recreate them in an editor?  And, how can I add a button into the contact info to run this report for that contact.... Please help.  Ive been researching this for days with no success. 

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Re: How to Autofill company forms

A really fast way to get your information is to go to the Contact List, right-click and choose Customize Fields, select the new fields and then export the list to Excel.  If not then yes, you will need to modify a report to show your new fields. 

Karen Fredricks
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