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How should I create/organize my jobs?

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How should I create/organize my jobs?

I have a flooring contracting company & majority of my work is project based from referal sources (ie.  property management companies, home builders, etc).  It is not uncommon for me to get 30+ projects from a specific referral source in a year.  I'm struggling with how to set up my contact &/or group/company structures to property organize these jobs.  Let me use property management as an example.  I'll call the property management company 'ABC Property Management' and lets say they have 3 rental complexes in the city (North Propery, South Property & Central Property) and each complex has between 20 - 100 units at it.  In any given month I could be doing work 5+ jobs for this company - 1 at North Property, 3 at South Property & 2 at Central Property.  Each individual Unit is an 'Opportunity' but I'm going in circles on how to have these Opportunities linked back to the individual properties and ultimatly ABC property Management company as well.


Initially I set up a Contact for Joe Smith (Propery Manager) who works at ABC Property Management Company. As well I created contacts for Ann Jones (Resident Manger) who works at North Property, and similar for South & Central Properties. (I haven't got to this part yet, but my intent was to then create either a group structure or company structure where ABC Property was the Parent, then North, South & Central were subs below).


I then created on opportunity for my current jobs  ie.  If I'm doing Unit #5 at North Property then I created a opportunity called Unit #5 for the contact Ann Jones at 'North Property', similar for the Units at other complexes. But the issue I'm running into is I can see my Tabs are going to get too cluttered with information, expecially the history tab (which I think is going to become one of my most useful 'goto' tabs for refresher information in the future) and it will be a bit difficult to filter through pinpoint the activties and sales process to a single unit - especially in months where I have many jobs going on in the same complex at the same time.


So, then I though maybe I should create each Unit as a 'contact' ie.  my contacts list would become more of a 'project' list vs. a 'contact' list.  So, my contact would be called Unit #5 and the company would be North Property (again, I could create a company or group heirarchy structure for ABC Property Management). 


Is this the best way to be tracking these types of jobs????  Or is there a better way.  I'm not fully up to speed on how to best utilize the groups & companies (as I said, I'm new to Act & still learning) so if anyone has some best practices they can shed light on I would appreciate it.


Ultimately I need to be able to track my monthly sales really well as well as use the opportunities function to monitor my sales cycle for current projects.  At the end of the year I want to be able to easy see the number of jobs and annual revenue for a particular property as well as the number of jobs and annual revenue generated by the Management Company.


BTW... I'm using Act 2009 (11.0)


Thanks in advance.



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Re: How should I create/organize my jobs?

On the surface I would say you are a candidate for a combination of groups/companies and opportunities.  But, some of the details you are looking to achieve will best be met by using an ACT consultant.  For example, I don't need to keep up with sales since that is done by our hq ERP system.


I really use the heck out of groups and sub-groups function every day.  I've tried to keep the number of groups small enough so they don't scroll off the page, then let myself run wild with the sub-groups and beyond.  Just keep in mind, that sub-groups are just a way to look at grouping contacts but each and every group or sub-group is independent of each other.  There is no parent-child relationship.


Just a little to think about as you build your organizational plans and get ideas from the other members of this forum as I have.

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