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How do you use the dashboard?

Nickel Contributor
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How do you use the dashboard?

So, how does everyone use the dashboard?  I find I'm not using it at all. I'm not using a lot of Act's advanced features yet though and will be using more and more as I'm comfortable. Im just interested in how folks are using it? 


I tried out Topline Dash as a trial and found it a lot more feature packed than ACT!'s built in dashboard but that was expected.  It also ran a bit quirky on my computer.  It lagged quite a bit here and there and switching around was very slow. Has anyone started to design new stuff for the dash?  Maybe we'll see a merger of the two someday? 


Im sure im just not looking at this resource in the right light. That's why I'd like to see how other folks are using it to their advantage. Anyone?




Matt Pulsts
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