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How do you print Contact detail by page

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How do you print Contact detail by page

Would someone please walk me through printing out the contact detail information for each cleint in a proper format.  When I used the print address book at a glance it put 4-5 contacts on half of the page in small print.


I understand you might be able to export the information to excel for printing as well and need to know how I can save that info to a zip drive to transfer to print to another computer.





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Re: How do you print Contact detail by page

Hello Tim,

Welcome to the Sage ACT! Online Community!


Contact Report:

Depending on the contact data you would like to print, you may want to take a look at the 'Contact' report; this is found under the Reports menu.  You can modify the report options to include/exclude different portions of the report (ex: Notes, History...).


Export to Excel:

Through the Contact List view, you can customize the data displayed (View menu > Customize Columns).  Once the desired colulmns are displayed, click the 'Export to Excel' icon to export the data to an Excel spreadsheet.  Once the Excel file is created, you will need to save it (give it a file name) - once saved, you can transport that file to any computer or location desired.

Greg Martin
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Re: How do you print Contact detail by page

Wow another feature I didn't know existed, awesome!!!  I have been exporting my files to .txt then having excel open.  You just basically added time to my life!