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How do I track mailings?

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How do I track mailings?

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I added contacts to a new database.
My first use was to identify contacts to which I would send a postcard.
I did that & manually recorded a history entry indicating that a postcard was sent.
I have now entered many more contacts.
How do I identify the contact to which a postcard was not sent?
I can create a lookup of the contacts containing the history entry, but don't see a way to invert the lookup.
I can see no way to create a lookup of the contacts not containing the history entry.
Is there another method of doing this I should know?
I was looking to do use this method for other types of actions, but I must be missing a fundamental understanding of how ACT! 2008 works.
Please help me figure out a method to do this.

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Re: How do I track mailings?