Change Business Address
  1. Make sure that at least one contact is updated with the new business address.

  2. In Contacts, on the Home tab, in the Current View group, click List.

Note: To see all views in the Current View gallery, click Gallery More button.

  1. If Business Address doesn’t appear in the header row, do the following:

Contacts header

  1. Right-click the header row, and then click Field Chooser.

    Contacts Field Chooser dialog box

  2. In the Field Chooser dialog box, click Frequently-used fields.

  3. Click and drag Business Address to the contact header row.

  • Right-click the Business Address header, and then click Group by this field.

Note: Contacts can be grouped by multiple fields in a hierarchy view. If contacts are already grouped in the list view, you can click and drag the group by boxes to re-arrange the grouping order. Or, to remove a group, click and drag the group below the header row and then release the mouse button when an X appears.

  1. Under the heading for the old business address, click a contact that you want to change. To select multiple contacts, press and hold CTRL as you click contacts. To select a range of contacts, press CTRL and SHIFT, then click the top and bottom contact. All contacts between the first and second entry are selected.

  2. Drag the selection to the Business Address group that matches the new address — the contact you changed or verified in step 1.