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How do I remove all calendar entries?

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How do I remove all calendar entries?

I have numerous reoccurring calendar entries in duplicates and triplicate that I have not been successful in deleting. I tried deleting the past, present and future and all recurring entries with no luck. I deleted the program, reinstalled and they are still there due to the database still being on my computer. I am using ACT for Real Estate 10.0.  


I use Outlook 2007 with an offsite Microsoft Exchange Server. My main PC has all the correct information in my Calendar without any issues. The main PC is no longer runner ACT due to these issues. Once I remove all the entries, reinstall the ACT to my main PC I can resync and all should be put back to normal. The secondary PC is my laptop running Outlook 2007 has well.


If all else fails I want to remove the entire program, files, folders and data base and reinstall on my secondary PC for a test first. Then sync up with my main PC and pull all current information from Outlook (main PC) to laptop (secondary PC).    What are my best options?


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Re: How do I remove all calendar entries?


Well, I am not an expert but I´ve being using Act since version 1.

I would suggest you to:

  1. Back up you database (to keep your contact and history records)
  2. Create a new database and
  3. Import data from previous
    1. You will have a chance to discharge all activities.

 I hope this helps.

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