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How do I change current user? Complicated?

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How do I change current user? Complicated?

I’m using ‘ACT! by Sage 2009 (11.0) Version’ - single user licence - on Windows Vista on my local machine.


I want to remove ‘restricted’ from my ‘current user’ so I can design fields and layouts. So far all of the ‘help’ instructions tell me to go to File/Administration but on my File drop-down, I do not have ‘Administration’. Not even in light grey.


When I ‘Lookup’ My Record I get my Ian Johnstone contact business card where I have entered the various information in various fields. On the bottom right it shows the logged on user as Ian Johnstone and Role:restricted. To complicate matters, I have another contact for Ian Johnstone with the other fields blank. Lookup/Advanced/Users gives me the two Ian Johnstones.


When I do a lookup of ‘All Contacts’ the Ian Johnstone with blank fields is listed first. However, when I first start up, I get a small screen ‘Log on to (the database I’m using)’ with ‘Enter your user name with this database’ entry as ‘Ian’. When I click ‘Okay’ it opens with the Ian Johnstone contact that has information filled in.


I’m new to the program and have only entered about 20 Contacts and 13 Companies. At one time I was able to ‘Design Fields’ and ‘Design Layouts’ but have now been shut out of these options. I need to have that function back. ...heeelllllppppp

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Re: How do I change current user? Complicated?



  The first record you open is you.  Always you.  The 'My Record' is a place for you to put your information.  It is the same as other contact records, except that it's you.  If you are Ian Johnstone, then this is how it is supposed to look.


But you aren't running a single-user license.  You may have your own, but you're obviously using a database that is shared with other users.  i say this because you cannot give yourself restricted access if you're the only user.  There has to be an administrator.


The steps you are looking up are for a very old version of Act!  In Act! 2009, the steps are "Tools>Manage Users" and change your information there.  if you cannot access this window, it's because you are not an Administrator of the database.

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