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How can I tell which fields have been updated?

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How can I tell which fields have been updated?

I'm completely new to ACT and have been 'playing' with our database on Sage ACT! Pro 2013 Version 15.0.301.0.  I have done a 'lookup' on Contact Activity and it says there are 153 contacts which have had changes to the contact fields made today but is there any way of telling what has been changed?  I know I attempted to set a 'task' for about this number of companies and then cleared it as though it had been done.  Could that be the answer or have I inadvertently actually changed something?? 

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Re: How can I tell which fields have been updated?

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Hi Sarah,


In Act v15, you can check what's changed on a contact by navigating to the detail view of a particular contact and clicking the History tab. This will show some changes made to the record. It won't show everything, as by default, making a change to a contact field will not leave a history. This behaviour can be configured on a field by field basis.


You can see what types of things get recorded in the History tab by clicking on the Types dropdown within the tab.


Another way to see the recent histories is by running the Notes - Histories report.


There was a very useful new feature introduced in Act v16 called the History List which enables you to see all recorded histories in one place for all contacts and users.


We have a free training library here which you might find useful, however it references Act v18 so some features you see will not be available to you.