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How Would You Like To See ACT Changed?

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How Would You Like To See ACT Changed?

Are you aware there is a section on this forum to share your ideas in how you would like to see ACT changed?  Even if you don't want to post anything, you can vote on what others would like to see changed.


For example, I added a suggestion  ... "For those of us who use the ACT Dialer, it would speed up the process if we could have a button on the clear activity screen to place a [call] useing the dialer.  I think it should be added to any activity scheduled since a phone call may be the resolution regardless if it is a scheduled call or not."


Only one person has voted that they would like this, but I've talked to at least three people I know who would like it as well (and yes, I have asked them to vote).


If you like this idea, click here and you will be able to vote on it.

John Purdy
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Re: How Would You Like To See ACT Changed?

John some of the ideas out in the wild are great it is just a pity that developers have never really listened in the past 10 years I wonder what it really takes to get functional improvements on the table instead of some new social media plugin.

Paul Buchtmann Australia
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