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How Do You Change What Appears in Your Monthly Calendar View?

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How Do You Change What Appears in Your Monthly Calendar View?

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I print a monthly calendar view of appointments with ACT!  2011.   I want to change the way that ACT!  monthly calendar view displays my appointments.  Let’s say for example, I’m having lunch on the 12th of the month with Joe Smith.  The printed calendar will display the contact name "Joe Smith."  But what if I want  “Lunch Joe Smith” to display rather than just the contact’s name?


Or let’s say I’m blocking out time to attend a Dodgers baseball game.  I don’t have the Dodgers as a contact of mine.  So rather than add the Dodgers as a contact, I made a contact called *.  This way, every time I have an appointment not associated with a contact, I could just use the catch-all * and enter the appointment under the contact *. 


The problem is that when I print my calendar, it shows only * (the contact) rather than what I’m actually doing.   I’d like in this scenario, the calendar to display either *Dodger game or Dodger game. 


Is there a way to print this calendar that displays the text that I’ve inserted into the “Regarding” field rather than show just the name of the Contact?