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Hot Synch to Palm

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Hot Synch to Palm

I am using Act for Palm 3.0 with Act 2008 and am trying to hot synch with a Palm Treo 755.  The "Desktop overwrites handheld" works fine, but when I attempt a "synchronize the files" action, I receive an error message, "Sync terminated unexpectedly. Not all data was sync'd".  Changes made to a contact on the handheld do not get transferred to the desktop.
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Re: Hot Synch to Palm

I was an ACT for Palm user.  Things went fine for a while, but recently - my sync started giving a similar error.  An overwrite worked ok, but sync was broken.  Tried quite a few things - including re-installs.  Nothing helped.  I wonder if a Windows update broke it??  You can find my query about this problem elsewhere on this forum.


Finally, I ended up going back to Companionlink - Two way sync works fine.  I'll not look back.


Good luck!