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Hoover's Business Info Services does not work - circular loop

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Hoover's Business Info Services does not work - circular loop

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I'm using Sage ACT! 2011 with ACT4Advisors and recently decided to try the Hoover's B.I.S. I went through the activation for the free version/trial and the two Icons (Sage E-marketing for ACT! and the Sage Business Info Service) appeared on my toolbar. The E-marketing icon seems to work. However, when I utilize the B.I.S. icon, it opens a window that offers me "Search Hoovers" and "Reset Cookie" icons.


When I click the Search Hoovers icon, Internet Explorer opens up with the following:





I'm using the Windows version, not the web client version. I clicked the BIS icon originally and that's how I got to the IE screen telling me to click the BIS icon (again).In addition, my Web Info tab has not changed its content at all. It still has the same generic info as before.


I've tried to call support several times. The first time I called Sage, I was either hung up on or disconnected. The 2nd time, I was told Hoover's has to fix it and was transferred to them. When I spoke w/ Hoover's, they said it was Sage's responsibility because it's their software. It took me an hour to finally get a hold of someone at Sage who informed me there is no tech support for the BIS during the trial version and if I wanted help in figuring out what's wrong, I'd have to make a purchase.


Seriously? I'm expected to make a purchase on a trial/free product just to get tech support to get it to work and THEN decide if I want to keep the service? I can tell you right now that I certainly won't do that. Since Sage doesn't seem to support the BIS in trial/free mode, any help from the community would be greatly appreciated.


Frustrated as all get out,




Quick update: So after being on the phone for several hours and getting bumped/dumped by diff't companies involved in this process, Anees from Sage Tech Support finally figured it out:


ACT4Advisors creates a tab called "Webinfo" and it removes the "Web Info" tab from the ACT4Advisor layouts. -notice the capitalization and space difference between the words "web" and "info."  I had to ADD the original "Web Info" tab back to the layout to get the info.


So as of now, all is well. However, I have not yet upgraded to the Reference or Leads level. If I do, I will report back on my experience.


No longer frustrated, but amazed it was this hard.


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Re: Hoover's Business Info Services does not work - circular loop

Thank you for the update!
Greg Martin