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Home country

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Home country

Hi,  I just installed ACT.  During the install it asks for your location.  Mine is Canada.  Problem is that most of my contacts are in the USA.  The contact pages only show provinces in the drop-down.  How do I change this so I can select states, and, ideally, provinces too?



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Re: Home country

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In the drop down for State there is an option at the bottom to Edit List Values where you can add the States to the Provinces, but that is just line by line.  Alternatively go to Tools/Define Fields/List Tasks-manage drop down lists. Select State or Province as the case my be from the list of  fields then click Edit Drop Down List, then Next. You should then have the option under List Tasks to Import Drop Down List Items. You will need to have access to a .txt file of States you can browse to and import.


You could also set up a custom field for States in Tools/Design Layouts but having both State and Province could be more trouble than it's worth when it comes to mailing. I live in New Zealand and I just have the Australian states list in States and leave it blank for NZ. That covers mail to both countries.


You will need to do the same thing for the field under both Contact and Company, and then Link the fields.


Hope this helps.

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Re: Home country

As above, but don't add custom state/province fields, this will just lead to problems.


As well, you could make the State/Province field and auto-add field, so as you type in new ones, they automatically get added to the drop-down list.