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History questions

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History questions

I am a new user to ACT.  I need to save an email from outlook to a company contact in ACT.  The email was sent from my employers iphone to my inbox.  We are trying to build a history for this particular vendor.  How do I get the email from outlook into the vendors contact history?




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Re: History questions

There are a couple of ways you can do this.  Look on the toolbar in Outlook.  There should be a couple of icons at the right end of the toolbar that you can use to do this.  Hover over them and read the descriptions.


(1) Highlight the email you want to attach (or open it) and then choose the QUICK ATTACH icon, the addresses in the email will be matched to ACT contacts and written as history.  Check the contact page that you want the history on - if it's not there right away, hit the F5 (refresh) key.


(2) Highlight the e-mail (or open it) and choose the icon that looks like a man with a paperclip.  This will open a window that allows you to attach the e-mail to the contact it came from, as well as add any other contact records you'd like to attach the email to.


(3)  Finally, if you receive an email from someone who isn't in your ACT database, you can highlight the email (or open it) and then click on the icon that looks like a man.  This allows you to create a new contact using the contact information provided in that email.

Christine Kearns, Office Manager