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History Reports

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History Reports

How do I stop system changes showing in any reports with activities history"


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Re: History Reports

Yeah, the built in reports do not allow that level of filtering...


Now, you have at least two options, depending upon your exact requirements...


1) Buy an addon that does support this, such as TopLine Dash.  Or other external reporting tool...


2) You might be able to get what you need using the Tasklist.  Set the filters such that it shows cleared Activities and the appropriate date range.  This will not include emails and system changes, but it will have all of the standard things people "do" along with any custom activities you may have created.  You add whatever columns you may need, and you can export to Excel by clicking the button at the top of the screen.


Could work!

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Re: History Reports

This is an older thread; has this functionality changes in 2013 so I can view or create a custom history report that *doesn't* include system changes?
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Re: History Reports

Not with the ACT! reports, only with a third party report editor like Durkin reports.

Roy Laudenslager
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