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History Report Filter.

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History Report Filter.

I've just created a new simple History Report from scratch.

However when I run it I get a list of all contacts, with or without history, regardless of what I set the History filter to.

The report has minimal headings and only 1 section.

Basically I just want Company/Contact/History Date/Result/Regarding and Details in columns.

I want to run it for All contacts, and just want a list of those with History in the Current Month, so on the Report History tab I'm selecting History only, and Date Range = Current Month.

That works when I use an Act template, can't figure out why it doesn't work on my report. haven't found anything in Help, or in any of the report field properties that looks helpful.


Is there a good Act2012 report writing tutorial online anywhere?


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Re: History Report Filter.

Without examining the template It's hard to say what the problem is.


There is a third party book with comprehensive training information on the ACT! reports, here is the link.


Full disclusure I wrote the reports chapters of the book.

Roy Laudenslager
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Re: History Report Filter.

Hi Roy,

I checked out your book, and downloaded the promo pdf, looks good so far, it's on my wish list!

Meantime I resolved the History Range filter issue by ignoring it, and doing my look-up by advanced query on the Last Reach fields, and saved a query that works just right.

As a result of discussions here and with my local consultant, I have come up with what I think is a very neat quick way of creating the Excel spreadsheets I want, with any Act data arranged in columns.

All I wanted on my spreadsheet was a list showing

Company/ Contact/ History Date/ Result/ Regarding and Details

for the last week.

1.  I installed the patch in KB:​l/a_id/14690/

Titled: How to Add Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel (and more) as an output option for Reports.


2. Create a new report template with the fields you want arranged in a row across the Detail section

- Do not include labels.

- Ensure that each field is touching its adjacent fields.

- Align the tops of the fields with the top edge of the Detail section.

- Slide the bottom line of the Detail section up to the bottoms of the fields.


3. Leave the Report, Page and Section headers blank.

- Close the Page and Section headers up so they show no space.


4. Use the Group By to set the sequence.  Basically turn everything else of or collapse if blank.


5. Run the report for your look-up, and on the General tab, Send the report to MS Excel.


6. You should end up with a spreadsheet with columns of data with no blank columns or rows, no merged cells etc. It can then be pasted into a spreadsheet with the headings and formatting you want. (I do this report weekly, so I have a blank master which I copy then paste the new data into).


Now I have set it up I can do my activity report for my sales meeting in a couple of minutes, and it can be added to other spreadsheet reports from sales people who aren't using a Act.