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History Contacts Trouble

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History Contacts Trouble

I use my "History Tab" as a means of showing contacts I have made and what was discussed through out the month. I go to a specific contact, click history, type in info and then add MY Contact name as a means of what all transpired during any given day. Problem is, when I go back to my contact it shows my name and not the person whom the information was originally about. My preference is to not show my name, but other persons name. Any ideas how to fix this?????
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Re: History Contacts Trouble

If you lookup a contact record, as long as you are on that record and view the History tab, right clicking anywhere in that tab and choosing 'Record History...'  will create a history of the type you choose for the currently active contact.


Anytime you come back to that record and view the history tab, those entries will be there...


Those histories will not be displayed on your contact record if you create them in this fashion. 


Also, do not confuse the Record Manager field with the contact - since you are the Act! user and the one who created the history record, you will always be record manager, but the record is still history for the contact for which it was created...


Make sense?