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History Classic Summary

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History Classic Summary

Viewing the scripts in the standard History Summary Classis report I see there are five columns listed.  I get the script that shows the results.  I tried adding some additional items that I need to count... specifically, I'm looking at Calls (with 3 results, Calls Left Message, Call Completed, Call Attempted) - I also want to add Visits (Visits Completed, Visits Not Completed), along with maybe a few more, related to emails... 


I have the report working somewhat, but it doesn't seem to be clearing the count for each contact, it's accumulating the counts for each subsequent contact.  Then doesn't display anything in the Total for the report - fortunately, I'm working on a copy of the report (saved it as another file name).   I've found the scripts, adjusted them accordingly - matched the field names, etc. but I just can't seem to find a way to fix this - is there valuable web sites out on the internet that can guide me?  

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Re: History Classic Summary

I will first caution you that you need to limit the number of items tracked to eight.


There is a third party book with comprehensive training information on the ACT! reports, here is the link.


Full disclusure I wrote the reports chapters of the book.  The report chapters work for all version of the ACT! program since ACT! 2007.

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