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Hierarchy - how do I use it

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Hierarchy - how do I use it

I see the Hierarchy shows the tree branches in the Group window.


Since many companies today have many division in many locations and each are working on different or the same projects, I would like to keep track of these locations and projects.



In the Company view - I don't see the Hierarchy field change.

I would like to list companies by  Company Name and Division and then possible by location.

The Hierarcy only changes when I create a new company under another company.

This is great if a company buys another company and keeps the orginal name, but they change the name to the mother company and make a division.


How can I get the field "Division" to be related to "Company" (relational database).


For example  Broadcom is a big company.

They are based in Irvine, CA with many design groups

Design Group (DG)1, DG2, DG3


Colorado might also have DG2, DG3, DG4

Atlanta has DG4


How would I keep track of each group and know who is where, without speeding all my time typing in ACT.


maybe the best solution is Company and Division and in Contacts I have there address location listed.


Any ideas?

I've own ACT for years and never used it like it should be.

I've switch back and forth from SalesForce, ACT, Goldmine, Excel and MS Contact Manager.

I like ACT's new Company and Contact relationship.

When MS came out with it first I almost switched for good, but the first version of MS had problems.


I just bought a new laptop from IBM and it has the new MS contact manager, so I'm giving ACT one more try.



Long message. I know but since my mind is going I need ACT to keep track of my life more than ever.  Smiley Happy


Any input why someone should upgate to 2008(10.0)?

9.0 was a good upgrade for the seperate Company and Contacts view.

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Re: Hierarchy - how do I use it

Companies is a one to many relationship to divisions, you can go down multiple levels of divisions and have contacts assigned at each level.









You can only change the hierarchy by going up to the highest level you want to change.



Brad Marquardt
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