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Hidden text that links documents to DB & Contact

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Hidden text that links documents to DB & Contact

I am using windows 7 & ACT! by Sage 2010 Version, Hot Fix 1


I know that there is hidden text that is in the pre-made templates etc that allows ACT to know where to link the document to what Database & Contact. I just copied what was showing up so I amp retty sure this hidden text is this: 


my question is this: I am not sure if this is the case with all templates or just some, but in any case in at least 1 template that I use on a regular basis this "hidden" is now visable. I don't have any idea of how this happened, nor do I know how to change it back. When I go to edit the template and select this text and go to format > font > it shows with the box for "hidden" is checked. So word thinks the text is hidden, but yet it is visable to the eye. I thought that if I just made the text hidden that I would not see it. I tried this with other text as well and it does not become invisable to the eye. Is there some other global setting that is over riding the hidden text box or something.


Anyone have any idea of what is going on here?




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Re: Hidden text that links documents to DB & Contact

In Microsoft Word, hidden text is toggled by using the show/Hide Button which looks like a backwards P. In Word 2007, it's on the Home ribbon under the Paragraph chunk, top right. Turn this on and off.  You will see tabs, paragraphs, spaces become visable when it's on.


If the text stays visable when other hidden text is hidden (like tabs paragraphs, spaces) then it is likely your template is broken and you should recreate it.

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Re: Hidden text that links documents to DB & Contact

The hidden text was used in Word templates for ACT! 2-6, it's no longer used and isn't needed.

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