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Help with several interface tweaks in Act 2011?

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Help with several interface tweaks in Act 2011?

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So far I have been loving Act! 2011.  It looks like Sage has really polished it up and it works great for me.


However, there are a couple of tweaks I want to make, and I'm not sure if they're possible or not.

I apologize in advance for the long-winded post, but I'm very specific about what I'm trying to do, and these are things that will help the software make me even more productive.



Firstly, in the dashboard view, there doesn't seem to be a scroll bar for my schedule at a glance.  On a typical day, I could have any where from 20 to 50 items on my calendar for the day, and to see anything beyond the first 10 (even after they are all completed), I have to hit a button that kicks me into a different view entirely.  Is there a way to get a scroll bar so I can stay in the dashboard view to see my later activities?  The schedule at a glance doesn't do me much good if by 10:00 the only thing I can see is tasks I've already completed.


Secondly, when I'm in the detailed contact view and want to schedule a call with a contact, is there any way to create a field for the contact's time zone which will automatically populate to the call so that when I look at all my calls from the task view, I can see the call recipient's time zone?  This is important because I have clients all over the country, and when making adjustments to my daily call schedule I need to consider the difference in time between myself and the person I'm calling.  Right now I use the "Location" field to enter this information in the call dialog box because it's already set up to display in the task view, but I have to enter it manually myself each time I schedule a new call, which means that I have to remember to check the contact's location before I open the shedule call dialog, especially if the call is a follow up on another call or task because with the follow up dialog open, I can't move the original call dialog out of the way to see the city and state for the contact.  


What I'd REALLY like is to be able to create a field for the time zone right on the contact page so that I only have to figure it out once and then any time I schedule a call have that populate automatically with the correct value and then display from the task view so that if I need to shuttle calls around to accomodate a change in my schedule during the day, I can see the time zone difference and know what hours I have to work with.


Also, when setting a "Start Time" for a new call or task, the calendar popup dialog displays in 30 minute increments, even though I have set my (main) calendar to use 5 minute increments.  A lot of calls and tasks only take a few minutes, so if I've got a 5 minute call scheduled at 2:30 PM, the pop-up calendar will show that entire half hour up to 3:00 PM as blocked off, even though from 2:35 on is free, which forces me to either change views to the calendar view to see what time slot is actually available or guess what time slot I can use, or alternatively schedule several things at the same time, which makes my calendar (and dashboard) views more cluttered and doesn't allow me to prioritize more important tasks within a short period of time.  What I'd like here is to be able to display that calendar popup for the Start Time field in 5 minute increments, just like my calendar view is set to.


Any help on how I can do any of these things, or whether they are even possible would be GREATLY appreciated.  Thanks in advance!

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Re: Help with several interface tweaks in Act 2011?

No one has any ideas?


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Re: Help with several interface tweaks in Act 2011?

To me, it looks like you would need to look to a 3rd party to get the enhancements you were looking for.


The best dashboard program on the market is this one:


As for the Time Zone being added, you would need to contact a custom development shop to ask them what the scope and cost would be.


These are things that cannot be done out of the box.  However, it would be a great idea if you submitted them to Sage for future product features.


Just my $0.02.


Hope that helps.

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Re: Help with several interface tweaks in Act 2011?

On the Schedule at a glance thing...


Here's one thing you could do that would not entail buying something else - not sure it will make you happy, but it's a thought...


Create a new dashboard where you do not create rows, but you have your Schedule @ a glance component set up so it is "tall".  You can then add one additional of the same component (or more) to the layout and set the default filters on each one to only show a certain activity type - one for calls, one for meetings, etc.


This way you end up utilizing the screen real estate in a more efficient fashion.


Just off the top of my head...