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Help with printing out customer list please!

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Help with printing out customer list please!

Hi All, this is my first post:


I just bought Sage ACT! 2012 yesterday, and imported my ACT! 5 DB successfully, I am trying to print out a 'phone book' of my contacts and have successfully formatted a Report that shows the pertinent info that I require, my only problem is, that I want to have the contacts listed in a different order than the current default (it's listing them by the contact's last name, alphabetically)


It may sound strange, but I sort the contacts alphabetically by city, and then sub-sort them by company name.  I have a group for each letter of the alphabet, and have successfully sorted each group by city first, then company name, but the report prints in the previously mentioned manner no matter what way I have them sorted on screen.


I used the report editor to format the dimensions of the printout, but I don't see any options for sort order - can anyone help me?  I'm printing to standard 8.5x11" paper.


Thanks in advance!

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Re: Help with printing out customer list please!

It's in Edit | Sections.


There is a third party book with comprehensive training information on the ACT! reports, here is the link.

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