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Help with printing labels

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Help with printing labels

I have Act 2010 and i am running it on windows 7, which as i have found out is a hard thing to do.  I am wanting to print address labels out for my contacts.  I do a lookup, go to file, then select print.  When the box opens up i select labels.  When this opens it shows me 3 items and they are not labels they are office address postcards.  Where did my label templates go?  How do i get them back, or can i get them back?  I tried to do a customize label, but got no where.  I will try again while i am waiting for a response.  Thank you in advance for any help i receive.

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Re: Help with printing labels

If you test in the demo, do the appropriate labels appear? If you had custom labels and they are missing, you would need to restore them from a backup from a time when they were there. Restoring from a backup will overwrite anything that you've done since the backup, so I'd recommend doing a Restore As to create a copy of your database. From there, you can copy all of the files with the extension of .lbl from the database files folder from the copy of your database to the database files folder for your current database. You can determine the location of these database files folders by the following steps:


1. Log into the database and click Help > About ACT!

2. Click Database Information

3. Under the Database Settings Information section, look for Supplemental File Location


Inside the database files folder, there's a folder called Reports. All of the label templates are in there.


If you only had default labels, you can recover the default labels from the demo by copying them from the demo database's database files folder into your database's database files folder using the same steps listed above to locate them.


After that, they should be available to use.

Elise O.
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