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Help with printing labels & Changing Contacts

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Help with printing labels & Changing Contacts

When I sat up our Act 10 Database, I entered the contact names like this:


Doe, John & Jane


When i do a lookup and try to print the labels it prints them like this:


John Doe


Is there a way I can set it to print this:


John & Jane Doe


I would much appreciate any help!




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Re: Help with printing labels & Changing Contacts

There isn'a any easy way to resolve your problem because much of the problem is the way you entered your contact information. When you enter a contact name the ACT! program parses the contact name into separate system first name, last name, name prefix and name suffix fields. When it can't automatically parse the contact name it gives you a dialog to specify the name elements. The standard labels assembles the separate name fields into a contact line that it prints. You could put the spouse name in a separate field and then use scripting in the label template to include the spouse with the contact name or you could go through each contact record and force the parsing so that the first name field is filled with botht the contact and spouce first names. However because you entered the contact name as last name first, there isn't any way to fix the problem by editing the label template.

Roy Laudenslager
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