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Help with Smart Tasks

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Help with Smart Tasks

I created Smart Tasks that include Call Activity steps, but I have encountered 2 serious problems (one's I can't seem to solve):


1. If I decided to not make the call, there is no option in the Clear Call Activity drop down menu to select "Call Not Made" for example, your only option is to create a false History, Call Made or Attempted etc. If you try to erase it cancels the Smart Task altogether.


Doesn't it happen often that you receive a call from a client just prior to making a scheduled call or you simply decide for whatever reason not to make the call?


2. I use a click to dial Tapi software that automatically dials and opens a History screen, it records the call and thereby populates the Last Reach field. Afterwards I have to go back and clear the scheduled Call Activity manually thereby creating a double entry. This is extremely frustrating a cumbersome.


I have complained about this previously, anyone out there faced with similar concerns, maybe if enough people complain Act! will do something about this.


Anyone found a work around?