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Help please - restoring main database and reestablishing remote sync

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Help please - restoring main database and reestablishing remote sync



Here are some background facts:

- ACT! 2009 was installed on two computers "PC1" and "PC2".

- PC1 was a desktop that stayed at the office and is used by User1.

- PC2 is a laptop that is used at the office and remotely by User2 (me, fwiw).

- PC1 had the "main" database.

- PC2's database was a remote database created from PC1.

- We synced the databases daily using a VPN connection through a router (remote or in the office, both worked).


As best as I can understand, here is what happened and where we are at now:

- PC1 got a virus, so we bought a new PC (let's call it PC3, we needed to upgrade anyway) and got that up and running.

- We named PC3 the same as PC1 (which was by now disconnected from network)

- ACT! was installed onto PC3 and the database copy/pasted onto its hard drive from a backup of the main database.

- On PC2, the "Sync now" is grayed out (we have enabled syncing on both machines).

- On PC2, "Maintain main database location" is grayed out.


So, right now I'm at a loss. It seems that PC2's database is unaware of it's parent database.


Here's one idea we had: Backup PC2's database, restore this backup on PC3 as the "main", create a remote database with this on PC3 for PC2, open the remote database on PC2. This new remote database should be an exact replica of what it had to begin with. We should then be able to sync up. Will this work? Are there issues restoring a remote database on another machine?


Thank you in advance.

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Re: Help please - restoring main database and reestablishing remote sync


     Act! is very particular when being moved, it relies on several very specific computer identifiers and to just move the database is only part of the steps, and this is especially important with syncing.  See the article below for the full steps:


  Hope this helps and good luck!

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