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Help needed to create a group please! (I think!!)

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Help needed to create a group please! (I think!!)



I need to clean up our database and have been set the challenge to find members of our database who have an email address but who are not currently assigned to a group. Our groups are currently set up using ID status and products, so for example they are a Direct Customer (ID Status) and Cakes (Products). This then gives me all the direct customers who buy cake products from us - it shows all of the contacts in this group whether they have an email address or not. Is there any way of creating a group which shows ALL contacts in our database that have an email address but are not in any group? I can then edit their records to put them into the right group. Is this the easiest way to do it?


Thank you for any help offered... simple steps much appreciated!!


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Re: Help needed to create a group please! (I think!!)

There is not a direct way to get this list (I don't beleive).


There may be an addon around  that will do this.


You could also create a dashboard (ACT! 2010+) using SQL that would find this list.




A somewhat kludgey way directly in ACT!:  Do a lookup on each of your existing groups, and add a value to an unused field (perhaps User 1 through 10) using the Replace Field tool in the Edit menu.


After every group member has their User 1 field set to "Grouped" (or whatever it is you decide to use), do a search on that field for all records that do NOT have "Grouped" in User 1.  Should end up with all contacts with no groups applied.

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Re: Help needed to create a group please! (I think!!)

You can use our Advanced Lookup by Groups add-on. It has a preset lookup function called "Groupless contacts".


You would therefore lookup contacts with an e-mail address, launch the add-on, go to Preset Lookups>Groupless contacts then select Narrow lookup.


(Note that by default, ACT! creates an ALL group which gathers all contacts in the database. So for this to work, you would have to delete that group first).

Gilles Cavin
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