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Help me stop the viewing panels from moving.

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Help me stop the viewing panels from moving.

To start I am using Windows 7 Pro 64. I started several versions back and I am now up to Act version 2010.


The problem is this, evertime I open a contact info page I have to drag the lower section of the screen back up to see the tab info. Sometimes it has move down just an inch other times all you can see is the row of tabs at the bottom of the screen. Is there a way to lock this bottom half of the screen so that I do not have to drag it backup?


I have a similar problem with the company screen. The view of the list of companies is pushing the companies info off to the right of the screen.  I have to drag the company info back to the left so that I can see all the company info.


Please help me lock these panels down.

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Re: Help me stop the viewing panels from moving.

This issue is generally due to custominzed monitor DPI settings, here is an article with more information on the issue (and how to reset DPI): KB Article 14495


After resetting DPI, if the issue continues - you would then use the steps to manually rebuild the ACT! preference files.

Greg Martin