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Help in reaching someone in corporate (sage, swiftpage?)

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Help in reaching someone in corporate (sage, swiftpage?)

Here is the short story. I am using sage 2010. Last summer, an act reseller/developer sent me an emailer for upgrade to 2012. I had wanted to do an upgrade in the coming months. I didn't know if I wanted 2012, or 2013, the price for 2012 was good, and the reseller told me I could cancel the order within 30 days if need be. Since I didn't think I was going to install for another 4 months, I ordered 2012 at the end of July.


2 weeks later, I get another emailer from the reseller with pretty much the same pricing on 2013!. So I emailed him back, and said lets go with that instead. He said could only be done if licensene wasn't used. I said not a problem, license has not been activated, so go ahead and cancel original order, and put thru new order. didn't hear back. sent 2 more emails, didn't get a response.


move forward to beginning of Nov, had been busy with travel and other projects in Sept and Aug, I wanted to get gong on the upgrade. Asked reseller again about getting 2013. Needed multiple emails and phone calls until he got back to me. Said couldn't do it. Pestered him some more. Said he didn't take care of it in Aug. Couldn't do anything now, but would contact sage. Nothing back from him.


End of Jan, I contact sage. Speak to rep there, says he will contact reseller. Calls and emails me back, says reseller will do something. I send email from sage to reseller, reseller never gets back to me. Call sage again. Tehy tell me nothing they can do, its up to me and reseller. I escalate this a bit, but again, nothing.


Now I am a distributor of high tech hw myself, I don't ever believe I own clients, they are jointly owned by myself and the manufacturer. INO, I am a client of Sage as well.


This was for 6 licenses, I am out 1400. I don't believe it should be so hard to get my upgrade to 2013. I have never used 2012.


I would sue the reseller in small claims court and I am sure win, but I am literally across the country, it would take 2 days of my time and about 400+ of airline assuming I could book early enoug.


So I am asking if anyone has a contact they might have at Sage that I could tell my tale of woe to and maybe get 2013!



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Re: Help in reaching someone in corporate (sage, swiftpage?)


Please see your Private Notes.

Greg Martin