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Help Please! ACT! has weird fonts after parallels tools re-install

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Help Please! ACT! has weird fonts after parallels tools re-install

Running Win 8 on macbook pro retina via parallels, and SP1 on ACT! 2013 was installed after office 2010 was installed.


All good until yesterday, I missed an appointment online due to the clock being an hour off on my machine, so Outlook notified me of the meeting an hour late. I called parallels and their service rep took over my machine remotely and installed parallel tools again.


When I went to the ACT! 2013 program, my design layout that I created so that I could see the contact screen fields ( I need big fonts due to eyesight) we completely messed up with fields that were changed in size and fonts that were too big - both on the ACT! sidebar and in the fields and text names for the fields, and both were unreadable.


Found the ACT! test, and executed it, it restored the fields to a reasonable size but not the ACT stuff such as the search field on the right top is now one character wide and there is a "Go" button that is way oversized next to it. I have uninstalled and reinstalled ACT! 2013 twice, with the same results.


Unfortunately, this has rendered ACT! unusuable for me, and I now have problems with my 22,000 contacts! I have to be able to see these fields, and need the bigger fonts, but in the right way. Also, my history, notes, activities tabs are covered up about halfway with what I think is the white container field, making them hard to use. Please help! Calling ACT! support is not an option for me.




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Re: Help Please! ACT! has weird fonts after parallels tools re-install

It sounds like the monitor DPI settings have been customized.  Here is an article with instructions for setting to default: KB Article 26349


If this resets everything back to normal, you can then use the Layout Editor to increase font sizes on the layout - instead of increasing the whole screen (via dpi).

Greg Martin