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Help! Importing to Custom Drop-Downs

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Help! Importing to Custom Drop-Downs

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    I've just gotten Act, and I'm trying to import some databases.  Since my company serves different markets, and sends different communications to these markets (which I want to do with mail merge), I added a drop-down menu for 'Contact Type,' and added the same field to the list of contact fields and the contact layout.  However, when I try to import the contacts, the information doesn't seem to get passed along.

    I'm mapping the desired value in the csv file to the Conact Type field, and the data there ('Event Planner') is identical to one of the values in the drop down menu used in that field.  However, it never gets imported.  Can anyone tell me why this is?

    Also, I'm not sure if it's important, but these are contacts being replaced -- I imported them once before I knew I could add fields and then added stuff in.



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Re: Help! Importing to Custom Drop-Downs

I am a little unclear what you are trying to do here but in the define fields do you have the option must select from dropdown. You might try turing this off and reimport


also when importing check the option for duplicates as you may have this set to not replace with source and this will affect the import

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