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Help! I can't seem to track my actions

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Help! I can't seem to track my actions

I am a new user to ACT! and am having quite a bit of trouble getting it to do what I want it to.  


My main problerm is that I can't seem to get it to track or record actions that I perform using this program - i.e., I would like to have it record in a contact's profile when I email them, or make a phone call.  Yet it will not record anything!  I need these records so that I  do not end up contacting the same person multiple times regarding the same issue.


What am I missing?  Is there a hidden step?  Anyone who knows, please help!




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Re: Help! I can't seem to track my actions



Which version of ACT! are you using (Help | About ACT!)?


All of your examples are able to record history.  Sent e-mail history gets created when sending an e-mail from within ACT! or ACT! address book.


Phone calls get recorded if you scheduled a call within ACT! and cleared the activity upon completing.