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Help - All Activities Were Cleared

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Help - All Activities Were Cleared

I opened my Calendar today and discovered all activities were not on the calendar. I noticed that every activity was some how cleared automatically. Has this happened to anybody? I have not made a backup of my database so I can't fall back on to it. Does anybody know how to clear all activities or reverse whatever happened? Thanks
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Re: Help - All Activities Were Cleared

If by "cleared" you mean that you cannot see the activities on the calendar I would double check your filter settings to make sure they aren't too restrictive.  If by "cleared" you meant that history was actually created for those activities then you could use lookup > Contact Activity and specify Changed then a Since Date and make sure only the History checkbox is checked then click OK to .  This should create a lookup by which you could optionally create a group out of using this lookup to define it's membership.  Then I would go one by one and click on the history tab of each contact and review the history item(s) in question.  Maybe there is a utility of some kind that may be able to help should this be the case.