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Help!!! ACT! Pro 2012 deleted all of my contacts!!!,

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Help!!! ACT! Pro 2012 deleted all of my contacts!!!,

Today I was going through my database of around 600 contacts making changes and deleting individual old contacts by right clicking while the contact is open and selecting delete from the menu. I spent around 2 hours doing this and would have deleted around 50 individual contacts and was almost finished when the program appeared to freeze whilst deleting one of the contacts. I walked away from the machine for a couple of minutes while it sorted itself out but when I returned all contacts had been deleted except for the database owner. I don't recall seeing any warning message that I was about to delete all contacts and I don't think it is even possible via this menu. I am completely dismayed at how this happened and not to mention just a little bit annoyed.
My last backup was obviously before all of the changes that I made and goes back about a month. I have a remote database copy that was synced 1 day ago but doesn't include the changes I made today. Is there any way that I can recover all of deleted contacts or worst case scenario recover my database from my remote copy? Any help greatly appreciated.
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Re: Help!!! ACT! Pro 2012 deleted all of my contacts!!!,




I understand that you have main and remote database , you have started deleting on the main database and now you have contacts on the remote , but not in the main database , right.




If I am right first let me explain in the act you do not have option to restore the deleted contacts

you have to take backup of the db where you have all contacts are then if it is remote database you have to click on tools sync panel and disable the synchronization then take backup again and move the backup file to the main computer and restore as new database 


How to Back Up and Restore a Sage ACT! Database Answer ID 19211


andn then you have to start importing to your main database 


How To Import Contact Data From an Existing ACT! Database IntoAnother ACT! Database

Answer ID 22042



before you try all this in the same database click lookup and click all contact might hiding 


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Re: Help!!! ACT! Pro 2012 deleted all of my contacts!!!,

Alternate option:

While the restoration of a backup (of the remote database) and then importing the contacts into the original main database will work, it may be easier to just start over.  Imports can take a long time depending on how much data (contacts/notes/histories/activities) there are.


Create a backup of the unaffected remote (File > Backup > Database), restore the backup on the main computer (File > Restore > Database > Restore As) - this will create a new main database which contains all contacts.  From the new main database, create a new remote database (Tools > Synchronization Panel) and restore it on the other machine. 


You would then have to go through and delete the desired contacts, but that may be a easier/faster alternative.

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Re: Help!!! ACT! Pro 2012 deleted all of my contacts!!!,

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