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Hardware requirements

Tuned Listener
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Hardware requirements

The company I work for is looking to seriously move onto a CRM system, but have outdated hardware throughout the office. 


I have been asked to get a realistic idea of the type, and cost of hardware they would need to be running in order for the system to run smoothly.


As an overview, once their system is set up and running, and has all their current info imported - it would be a database of

60-70k companies

150k contacts


Starting around 50-60 users initially, with potential growth to 80~ users within a year.


So I'm currently estimating £250 per new PC, with 40-50 needed

I have no idea what server requirements would be to host act, or the cost of that.


I have quotes from swiftpage already for software, but I need the hardware costs as well before I can get the Owner to give the final greenlight on the project.


If anyone has any input that would help, I'd appreciate it.



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Re: Hardware requirements

Hi Jason,

When it comes to running Act! on a server with that many people accessing the database, SQL Standard 2014 would be more suitable than SQL Express which comes bundled with Act!. One of the main reasons for this is the memory limitations of SQL Express, which is limited to 1GB of RAM usage. SQL Standard can use up to 64GB.
For the server machine, I would recommend having 16GB at a minimum.

For CPU, a server class CPU (i.e. Intel Xeon).

Storage wise, I'd recommend having a separate OS drive (preferably an SSD), and then building a storage array with redundancy, as well as a location for off-machine backups.

For OS, Server 2012 R2 (64 bit) would be the best choice.

You should be able to price up suitable hardware from enterprise equipment manufacturers like Dell or HP, or you could find individual components on consumer hardware sites to calculate the cost of building a server machine yourself.