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Hard Drive Crash ACT7 - OMG - Desprately need help!

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Hard Drive Crash ACT7 - OMG - Desprately need help!

So I don't have a currenty backup but I have the .adl and the .adf files from the day of the crash. ACT has provided me with as much support as they will for ACT7 so I had to purchase new software. I purchased the  Pro and they were able to convert the data from Premium to Pro for me however the info is older than the last good backup from 2011. 2 years lost!!

If I have the .adl and .adf from the day of the crash and  need someone who can take the .adl and .adf and check it with ACT7. I've already deleted ACT7 and installed Pro 2013 and of course I'm getting messages that I the old database has too many users. I wanted the Pro because we only had 10 users and not all of them actually use it.  I don't want to go through all this with buying mutliple licenses for Premium just to get the data up and running and find out the old data is corrupted.  HELP....Woman Sad 

Please feel free to email be directly at

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Re: Hard Drive Crash ACT7 - OMG - Desprately need help!

This issue can only really be fixed based off of the files we have available to us.  How bad was this hard-drive crash?  Is it readable at this point?

The .ADF and .ALF files are the live database files, which means as you make changes to them, they are updated.  If you have converted a database into Act! 2013 and the data is old, you pulled an old database.  Regardless of what version of Act! is installed, if those .ADF and .ALF files can be found on the old hard-drive, we can attempt a conversion.  If the conversion fails we have other options, like Database Services, available to use.

What we will need from you is to copy every single .ADF and .ALF from the old hard-drive (you can skip the Act2011Demo files) or have that hard-drive available to copy from.

In regards to any licensing issues, we can correct those issues on the database ourselves.  Since you just purchased the software you have access to the 30-Day limited support.  I suggest you call us once you have all of your .ADF and .ALF files, so we can try and bring them into your new version of Act!  The Getting Started Support line is 800-927-3989.

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