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Handheld sync for a partial database

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Handheld sync for a partial database

I need some help with how to approach this. 


After 18 months of struggling, I'm going to surrender and accept the fact that my Treo 700wx cannot handle 5700 contacts.  My new plan is to reduce the number of contacts I sync by about half.  It seemed to me from looking at the documentation that I might be able to do this using a Sync Set, but it seems that this only applies to a sync to a remote database.  (I'm hoping maybe I'm missing something on this point.)  I've gone through the process of setting up a second "remote" database for the purpose of using it as my sync database to my handheld. 


Now, when it comes time to sync the two databases, it seems that this is only intended to work over a network or internet connection.  Since both reside on my laptop, I'm not having any success. 




I have 5k contacts in a database and I need a way to sync only a portion of that database (I've set up a field to 'tag' each contact for this purpose) to my handheld. 


Any suggestions on how to go at this?




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Re: Handheld sync for a partial database

No need to sync to your laptop... although, you would need to be on a lan connected to the main database to sync


Just follow the instructions from this ACT! Knowledge Base article -


This should work, but you might also have a look at the trial of Handheld Contact - adds much functionality and even wireless sync to the PDA version