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Hamachi - ACT synchronisition changes November 2012

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Hamachi - ACT synchronisition changes November 2012

If you use LogmeIn Hamachi to create a VPN through which to sync you ACT! database you should be aware of some recent changes to this service.


In the last three or four weeks LogMeIn Hamachi changed the IP address range they have been using from 5.X.X.X to 25.X.X.X. All Hamachi users have been given a new Hamachi IP address.


Result: any ACT! databases synchronising over the Hamach VPN stopped synchronising.


You have to go in to the subscriber database and change the Hamachi IP address of the Publisher under Manage Connection Information >Machine Name of the computer hosting.... to the new Hamachi IP.


Detals are in this KB article:



Further tweaks may also be required as described here:

Jeff Granger
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Re: Hamachi - ACT synchronisition changes November 2012

Thank You!. Your post pointed me to the right direction. Simple Hamachi  IP address change in remote computer fixed this problem. Took 5 seconds.

Jan R.