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HTML Email Issues

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HTML Email Issues



To take care some of the prerequisites. 

-  ACT Pro V20.1.120.0 Update 7

-  Outlook 2016

-  Windows 7 x64

-  Database is a local database. Not hosted from any server.


I first noticed this issue when I upgraded from Act 2011 to ACT v20.


I'm using the same templates that have been used for many years in a .ADT file extension. Whenever I do a mail merge, my recipients that use Outlook see the email as intended with the HTML content (mainly embedded images). However other mail clients (Gmail, mobile phone, etc) see only plain text and images are all shown as attachments.


Additionally, if I attach any file (such as a PDF) the file is attached but the file extension gets stripped so nobody technical can open it. Again this is only with a mail client that is not Outlook.


I feel like I've checked everything so I'm needing a fresh perspective. I appreciate your time in advance.

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Re: HTML Email Issues

Dear html_makes_me_sad,


  Welcome to the forum, and kudos on your screen name.  My current search of open issues with Act! shows this has already been recorded.  There's nothing more you can do on your side at this time, but we are working on a resolution.  I have requested more information on this from our QA team.


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Re: HTML Email Issues



I thank you for your response. I actually paid the $40 to talk to support (this was before you replied) and they offered me no help whatsoever. They didn't even want to look. They just said it wasn't on their side although it worked perfectly in previous versions.


Again I appreciate your time and look froward to your next update.