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HELP!!!! Warning windows

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HELP!!!! Warning windows

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Hi all,


Am a new user to ACT!, using version 8.


All was working well for a week, then started getting ACT8.exe warnings.  At the same time my PC went a bit haywire - PC would just drop and re-start in the middle of something, my Outlook reset itself, Firefox failed to lauch, IE encountered 'serious error' warnings and closed down.


This morning, it all crashed.  The system wouldn't restore, so had to restore in Safe Mode, which worked.  Thankfully none of my ACT! records were lost.  Did a maintence repair from the menu and all appears well.  All seems to be working fine except when I launch ACT! I get this warning window


                               Strong name validation failed for assembly 'ACT.UI.ActivityViews.Widgets.TimeSelector'


What does this mean in earth language?


I quit the warning box and ACT! resumes ok.


Anyone out there know what's happening?



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Re: HELP!!!! Warning windows


If you are experiencing a multi-system failure like the one you are describing, it's possible your system may have been infected by a virus or there may be another system issue. I would run an updated anti-virus scan or have your IT people (if applicable) look into it. Please note this is my opinion, not a definite fact.


Running in Safe Mode may be minimizing the effect, but it's certainly not a long-term solution. There a some programs than cannot effectively run in Safe Mode. You may also try and fix the ACT! issue by manually uninstalling and reinstalling the program. See the foloowing Knowledgebase article for the steps to do this:


How to Manually Remove ACT! 2006 for Windows and ACT! 2006 Premium for Workgroups

Greig Hollister

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