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HELP REQUIRED!!! 'Not Equal to (!=)' Search options (Act Version

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HELP REQUIRED!!! 'Not Equal to (!=)' Search options (Act Version


After some advice please with the  'Not Equal to (!=)'   field.


Is there a way of excluding a date range using a wilcard type symbol?  E.G. to exclude say March 2011 I would enter something like   ##/03/2011   ?   Other wise I would have to go through every day of the month excluding each date, and I have dozens of categories. 


In simple terms this is what the lookup should be doing per month. This example is for March this year:

Product 1 renewals 2011>Product 1 renewals March>Exclude any Product 2 renewals March 2011


What I want to be left with each month is a separated list for Product 1 that excludes any Product 2 renewals.



Any assistance would be gratefully received.