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HELP NEEDED! Need to add a customized NOTES column (in Contact List).

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HELP NEEDED! Need to add a customized NOTES column (in Contact List).

From the "CONTACT LIST" I can go to OPTIONS and I see that I can add and re-arrange many columns in the contact list view but I do not see the most important one of all- NOTES.  It would help me to work far more efficiently if I could see "At A Glance" the last 20+/- words that I added to my NOTES for each contact.  My guess is that the developers intentionally left this option off because it would take up too much space and make the list (single line) a little less tidy and managable but if they could allow even 2 lines for this purpose (e.g. 20-30 words) it would help me to quickly see where I stand with that contact- if they are interested, available, want me to follow up with them, had a referral, etc.


IF THIS IS NOT CURRENTLY AN OPTION ARE THERE ANY WORK AROUNDS OR 3rd PARTY SOFTWARE THAT WOULD ALLOW ME TO ADD THIS CRITICAL FEATURE TO MY ACT DATABASE?  I use this type of functionality using a simple excel spreadsheet and it is so helpful to have all the colums with a brief note attached in the far right column.  In ACT that field might be abbreviated but have a (+) expandabilty functionality to it.



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