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HELP? Can I - Calendar Display Customization in ACT 2009

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HELP? Can I - Calendar Display Customization in ACT 2009

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We just migrated from ACT 6.0 to 2009 and we're faced with a small issue.


On the calendar screen, with the To Do list sidebar, is there a way to 


1.  Change the Display To Do tasks on the sidebar (i.e. highest priority move to top?)

2.  Have To-Do tasks not done on the day prior roll over to the next day?

3.  Can the items (when Striked or cleared) move to the bottom of the to do list? (we're showing cleared activities)


I called tech support and they said that's a doable situation on any of them.  They said that the to-dos on the side are sorted by the order (date - time - priortiy) in that order, and you cannot change it.  This sounds a little ridiculous to me since you used to be able to do that in ACT 6.0.  


If this can't be changed, does anyone have a solution for inputting tasks that would make this easier?  We have the following to address each day:


Annual activities - (recur every year)

To-do Tasks (timeless activities to get done - but would like to be able to see at the bottom of the page that they're done)

Appointments (time sensative, and highest priority)


So if we're scheduling calls, etc. for TIMELESS and have client apts in the afternoon, all of the TIMELSS TASKS fill up the screen  and push the appointment to the bottom.


I can't believe we're the only people with this question... Thanks so much for your help ahead of time!




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Re: HELP? Can I - Calendar Display Customization in ACT 2009


We have an add-on called Calendar View Plus for ACT! that allows up to four sort conditions on the Task List panel along with many many other productivity enhancements such as: displaying any contact field, appointment color rules, displaying unique column per user, instant filtering, enhanced print features and many more.


You can download the free trial at



-- jim durkin

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Re: HELP? Can I - Calendar Display Customization in ACT 2009

I don't use timed tasks and all of my tasks are pretty much just Today, so I cannot confirm everything you have been told.  But I can confirm that the sidebar tasks are NOT sorted by priority.  My sidebar tasks are all randomly ordered, and in fact when I check off one, or add one, the order rearranges.


If you exit ACT! and reenter, any unfinished past tasks will Rollup to Today if that option is selected per Activity Type (Schedule > Manage > Activity Type)