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Groups, subgroups, sub-subgroups, and e-mails

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Groups, subgroups, sub-subgroups, and e-mails

We are running a shared, real time ACT! database because we were never able to get it to synchronize. I have divided everybody's contacts into groups and subgroups. But it doesn't seem to be allowing me to send e-mails to my subgroups--just my groups. For example, Alexander's Contacts is the group, Construction is the subgroup, and Backhoes is the subgroup below consstruction. Each salesman has an identical group structure. It doesn't want to let me send to just MY backhoe subgroup. Help?
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Re: Groups, subgroups, sub-subgroups, and e-mails

You mean to the contacts who are members of the group?
If you go Write | Mail Merge and select to send to a group, it should have the sub-groups... just not in a tree view
Or got the groups view and create a lookup of the group and Write | Mail Merge to current Lookup