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Groups or ID/Status ??

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Groups or ID/Status ??

How should I use my Group - ID/Status tabs??  My head is spinning trying to determine the best way to set up my contacts and would really appreciate feedback.  I am brand new to Act, using Pro v16. 


I do biz development for a Property Management Co.  We manage Commercial Properties, Apartment Complexes as well as Commercial and Residential Owners Associations.  I've created a huge database of properties by address and when available, the owner(s).  The property ownership records are mixed, some are Corporate owners, some are local owners and some are just a registered LLC.


For property owners, I would like to break down their type of property ownership for mailings, i.e., retail center, office building, industrial warehouse, apartment complex, HOA, etc.  


In addition to property owners, I have lists of Realtors, Vendors, Developers, Accountants, Attorneys, etc.  


I would also like to be able label whether each prospect is Hot, Warm, Cold, Etc.  


Thanks for any guidance or suggestions,


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Re: Groups or ID/Status ??

You can use the ID/Status field to add people to Groups using Dynamic Group membership. 

For more information, you may find the following article to be useful:

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