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Grouping Companies

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Grouping Companies

I was hoping that I would be able to create various groups that would allow me to pull up various types of companies. EG a group called clients would represent all companies where the ID/Status is equal to "Customer", or a group call hot prospects would be companies where the ID/Status equals "Hot" etc. But it seems that only contacts can be members of groups. Does anyone have a workaround for this or am I totally missing the point. Should I delete the entire database and import companies as Contacts to get the required functionality?
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Re: Grouping Companies



ACT! is primarily a Contact level database. After all, we gererally sell to people rather than companies. When setting up a new database I always ask the question, do we need Company level records at all?  Generally, if we have just one or two contact names at each Company I wouldn't bother, and I would probably only create Companies for organisations in which we might have five or ten contact names.


If you do wish to have a complete list of companies in Company View you can still create the groups you need with a little work-around.


You will notice in Company View that it has it's own ID/Status field, which by default is completely independent of the Contact ID/Status field. However if you click on the Companies menu item in Company View you will notice View Linked Fields. What you need to do is Link the Company ID/Status Field with the Contact ID/Status field. You might want to modify the ID/Status drop-down options on both so they are the same. 


Once you've done this you can Update Linked Fields. When you do this the values in the Company Linked Fields are copied to the Contacts who are in that company, so at this point the ID Status fields will be the same.  You can now create your groups based on Contact ID/Status.


One word of caution. When you Update Linked Fields, ALL the linked fields are updated so be careful if contacts within a company have different company addresses. If this is the case you may wish to temporarily unlink the address fields.


In future, when you Create a Contact from a Company the ID Status value will be copied from Company to Contact record. If you change the value in the Company record you will have to update the Contact records too match.


Alternatively, once you have updated the ID/Status of all your Contacts you could simply opt to make any ID/Status changes at the Contact level.



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Re: Grouping Companies

Excellent - thanks Jeff