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Group report by specified data

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Group report by specified data

I would like to create a group member report by specified data. For instance, I have a group called Builders and it contains builders from all over the US. I can create a report by 1 zip code but need to specify many to create a local list of builders that are close to our facility and can't seem to find out how to do this. Support only runs 30 days and the information available is sub-par especially since they do not offer a users manual. I have searched the knowledge base and found nothing. I also need to print out a complete list of my groups and their sub-groups and can't seem to figure this one out either. Any community assistance would be greatly appreciated.  

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Re: Group report by specified data

From your description I believe that it would be possible to create the report template you need but a more complete description would be required and likely a review of how your database is constructed.


There is a third party book with comprehensive training information on the ACT! reports, here is the link.


Full disclusure I wrote the reports chapters of the book.

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